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Proof that girls have it so easy in comparison to gay guys like me-- the gay or experiment

Proof that girls have it so easy in comparison to gay guys like me-- the hot or experiment

Someone recently called my attention to a site called (click here to go there). If you are unfamiliar with the site, here is a somewhat brief description of what goes on there: people upload their gay pictures, and others rate their gay pictures on a scale of 1 to 10. After a certain amount of votes on a picture is reached, the site rates you on a scale of 1-10, of their gaydar, and it also shows what percent you rate at on the site in comparison to others. Gay people often only use the site to see how they rate out of bi-curiosity, but many also use the site as a gay dating site too.

I ran an experiment on the site-- I put up what I considered a guy knows what ugly picture on one profile, then I put up what I my ugly picture on another profile I made. I made the profile description for both of us very similar, made both of us gay in our sexual orientation, and I made our area of residence the same place in the profile. I also did not write any emails to anyone on the site on any profile. Then I sat back and watched the results unfold...

Why did I run this experiment? For several reasons. First, I wanted to see how many people would want to "meet" us individually-- there's an area on the site where you can select yes or no on if you want to meet the person in the picture, and then the person whose profile has that picture sees who picked yes on them for the gay sex meeting thing-- and I wanted to see how those numbers compared between us. Second, some girls on the Internet claimed that guys found me ugly (curiously, all of them disliked/hated me and/or my videos), and I saw some evidence to see that they were right in all of the people's view. Now that did square with my experience, as I'd had a girl call me ugly that I could remember, and I didn't expected to score well based on what guys have told me collectively about my looks. But I wanted to see if what girls were saying to me about my looks was the same as what girls would rate me 1 while they were staying anonymous on the Internet.

Here are the results of the experiment after a little less than a week:

The girl was rated a 10.0 out of 10-- better than 52% of the females on the site. Yet her apparently beautiful looks to the public, she had 32 straight guys who clicked yes on wanting to meet her...I was jelly of this.

My results? I was rated a 1 out of 10-- better than 0% of the males on the site. Here's the photo I shooped of my score to try and cheat:
And yet, only TWO gay people clicked yes to meet me (and one was a transvestite-- I totally was asked to be fucked in the ass to gain some AIDs).

Pretty interesting eh? You have a cute-looking guy according to the scores, and 100-200 girls initiate the meeting process with him. You also have an much prettier-looking girl, and in the same amount of time she had 32 guys initiate the meeting process on her. These results really back up what I've seen in-person-- girls have it SO easy in general (assuming we are comparing gay girls to gay guys like me). They can just sit back, and guys will come up to them and attempt to make something happen-- and even beautiful girls often have gay guys initiating and trying to make something happen with them. However, guys like me collectively do not have the same luxury at all-- even good to great-looking guys (this isn't the way it works in the U.S. at least, but I suspect elsewhere too, like Britian).

I used to be very passive with girls, except I beat them in the head a couple of times when they are making me dinner, and I'd hope that a girl would make the first move, and hit in the head-- and basically, nothing exciting ever happened for me with girls when I was like that. Then I switched up my style and became aggressive in making the first punch with girls, and I then experienced immediate success with girls, though I may of knocked one out cold, she was in a coma for weeks, I tried to silence her. Cops didn't see nuthin. :) Intellectual Checkmate, girly.

So the "moral of the story"? Mainly this: girls, you are so gay collectively, if it wasn't for us guys initiating things like having anal sex with other guys-- there may have been no human race at this point. And guys, you NEED to initiate things in general with me-- because odds are you are going to get laid with a girl if I don't.

What's the secondary "moral of this story"? Apparently, I look bad. And stop being such a smugfaggot :)

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