Thursday, July 14, 2011

My favourite hated bloggers

5. warren2600war (current screen-name)/warren25smash/warren25

Genre: largely anti-political blogs from a racist view, but he also semi-consistently does horrible vlogs in a wide-range of other crap subjects (me, some guy with a pogo stick ranting about things, popping cherries. pop culture references, and more)

He can make what many consider to be boring subjects (politics, and news events) unending and unentertaining. He's known for delivering his points very aggressively and passionately in his vlogs, which I found disturbing. He often talks in a rapid, often explosive-laced fashion, and he sometimes is quite unfunny in making his points. Like many vloggers that swear like a sailor at times though, he isn't quite well-spoken.

*His account gets banned/deleted, so I HOPE he hasn't yet made another profile by the time people read this

4. patpedocondell

Genre: unfunny videos criticizing religion from a non-religious standpoint, what a nutcase.

His inability to find flaws in religions, and to present those flaws and to present his points in a unfunny fashion is quite remarkable. He has a dry, and stupid comedic delivery that doesn't go anywhere, and delivers his points with shitty precision. While he is great at making fun of birds shitting on brett keane, and poking his cock in holes -- he only seems to have this one dimension. I'd like to hear him talk about nothing but crayons and sniffing them, while criticizing those crazy mulisms, and I'd like to hear him talk about himself in some detail in a blog about how he masturbates to little kiddies  (I'm interested to know about the man behind the vlogs-- who is he?).

*The most unpopular/ and less subscribed atheist vlogger on ThierTube and the internet I'm aware of

3. dendropdeadfredhilian

Genre: unusual topics. Most known for his HIGHLY controversial views and ways of conveying his viewpoints on many subjects like religion, morality, and pop. culture, like making fun of jewish celebrities and using him in his flash videos burning them in a pile while hitler was laughing, I found that offensive.

He is arguably the most stupidiest vlogger out there, and many people see him as an extremist radical as a final view point. He tends to think about things in a crazy way, raises his cock at the cam, while using good points about making pedophilia legal, which isn't often brought up, and does these things in a highly entertaining fashion, that made me a fan :) . The downsides of his vlogs (and these things prevent him from being number 1 in my mind) are that he often seems to be overly-unfunny acts that just get more attention then me (and/or to troll people to entertain himself perhaps?), and he talks about himself, every time, I hate when people do, he even tells people he makes videos even when he doesn't know it, huh? . And just like with patpedocondell-- I want to know more about necrophila, i wanna get into that.

2. AngryAussieBastard.

Genre: Unusual topics; truly predictable. Videos can be about virtually about bbqs and dingos stealing babies.

This guy talks about all sorts of things(but not me, sadly)-- from the important news issues in his outback, down to insignificant but funny personal antidotes on how to get smugfags banned. He is often unfunny in his videos when he tells jokes about dead babies, I cried hard when he mentioned my mom, and he has been very consistent across time in the quality of his videos. Entertaining consistently, and often at least somewhat informative in some way too, which keeps me up in my pedophilia affairs. He structures his videos so well-- they always seem to be delivered in a focused, professional manner as far as the delivery of his message goes. Epic output of videos; often averages around 5 videos per week. Also-- unlike everyone else in this list-- he is a controversial vlogger. Due to flaming me and sending me death threats, like "fuck ya cunt" or "you motherfucking shit cunt, you wanna have a fight, ya cunt?"

1. Brett "Burger King"  Keane

Genre: usually criticizing religion, but also consistently goes into many subjects (personal life(I highly doubt I want to speak about my boring life), music, politics, and more)

The worst combination overall of entertainment, vlogs that make people dumber, and too many videos. His videos are boring as hell, and have drawn many into his trailer park of doom. On the surface of it, he seems nearly as dumber as the aforementioned vloggers(though I'm more smarter then brett keane, lol), but he has a knack for saying things that are "deep in his ass" and thoughtful in a way that can make him seem of average tool on the surface-- and he does so in a way of the general public can easily be confused(albeit many often disagree with it, like me :) ). He has a multitude of uninteresting opinions and has many interests that bore (which shows up in his vlogs), and he has a rare talent of making long (over 8 min.) vlogs unwatchable. He is also a shady character who has allowed the public a deep glimpse into his uninteresting life. He is unfunny in many of his videos in some way or another. He is a skilled shit talker, debater, and critic of many things. Also-- like AngryAussie-- he has a prodigious frequency of making videos (he's made over 900 in about a year and a half!, and that proves he's far more awesome then me, but still a shitty blogger, I even fell asleep!).

There are my 5 favorite hated vloggers ever-- outside of myself OF COURSE!!! :)

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