Friday, July 22, 2011

Encyclopedia Dramatica gets popular by making satire, making them more 10x times popular on with their own style!

Encyclopedia Dramatica gets popular by making satire, making them more 10x times popular on with their own style!

Here's an article I stumbled upon-- it make E.D.'s style less funnier, the most part was actually serious, and I got angry(unlike most E.D. articles who are funny as fuck). Click here for a link to this unfunny article!

To E.D.  editors who aren't really fanboys and don't wear ED Shirts to impress friends-- you actually state that the linked article is funny you do. Then it would seem that by logical extension E.D. should be funny to you either. The linked article was actually funny, and once again-- that's a truth from E.D. I love you guys, keep making my article more funny.


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