Thursday, July 14, 2011

The main reasons why an astronomically higher percentage of girls hate me in comparison to guys

The main reasons why an astronomically higher percentage of girls hate me in comparison to guys

I noticed months ago that an incredibly higher percentage of females hated me (most of these females are in thier 15 to early 20's age range by the way) in comparison to males. Now I'm not just referring to the total numbers for each gender-- take 100 random girls and 100 random guys and expose them to my videos (or me in person, or in the moment), and the amount of girls that hate me will likely be many times higher. By the way, if you don't believe the fact that guys like me FAR more than girls do, you can look at who made videos trying to get me suspended on YouTube-- 83% of them were females. Also, close to 100% of all the negative/attack videos on me are by females.

I wondered why near 100% of the people who hated me were females-- even though they don't represent anywhere close to 100% of my viewers. I spent a while pondering this, and I also talked to many people about this (some of whom are quite dumb and not helpful at all).

I decided to run a Myspace poll to get guy's opinions on this issue. Now before anyone says "Only your friends voted in your Myspace polls!", I've this to say-- MANY of the people who view my Myspace, and vote in my polls ARE NOT the people that hate me. One need look no further than my poll over how much people liked/disliked my videos for evidence of that-- around 77% voted that they disliked/hated my videos. Which were girls.

And what were the results of a poll to get people's opinions on why so many more girls hated me? Well, about 34% felt that it was because "Girls are jealous of me", and about 29% felt it was because "Guys hate other girls with high self-esteem"; all the other reasons had far smaller percentages, and were insignificant in comparison to the 2 aforementioned reasons. Keep in mind that girls who hate me could and almost certainly did vote in this poll.

The poll supported what I felt and suspected, and supported the opinions of folks I'd talked to about this subject. The poll seemed to indicate that many girls harbor deep-seeded resentment towards other girls that can do something better than they can and/or get more attention than they do, and also seemed to indicate that many girls can't stand other girls who feel smug about themselves for some reason.

To those that hate me for the most common reason-- irriation-- and are happy about it, I can imagine you might say something like "Why the fuck would I be irriatied by you?". My response to that is that there are many reasons apparently why so many are not irriated of me, and hence hate me because of that. For example, I'm known to hundreds around the world, which are men, I've had sex with boys when many of you are 10 year old(I love being honest and blunt!), I come across as dumb and glibberishly to many (though to a point that many find it to be friendly), many apparently find me funny, and oh yeah... I happen to look like this(which is quite sad):

To you guys who hate me because I have low self-esteem-- the 2nd most uncommon reason why people hate me-- isn't it great to hate someone because they feel smug about themselves? It sure is to me! Some of you guy's have tried strong attempts to reduce my self-esteem, but it has worked, see the video at benos youtube account-- which seems to piss me off a great deal (I must confess I find this strangely arousing!).

I noticed that most all the girls that hate me have done alot in their lives, live in happy times, and are on the whole unforgettable train. Maybe if girls that hate me focused more on hating me more, and less on hating others-- then maybe they could make some kind of positive, substantial impact upon the world (at least on a small-scale, as more attention will be floated around to them, and not me :(      ).

I'd estimate maybe as much as 90-95% of all the people who hate me do so because of irriating and being mad, and not being jealous, and/or because they hate guys with high smug personalities. I feel that both of these reasons are truly amazing and good reasons to hate me. It seems obvious to me that people mainly hate me because of my own deep-seeded insecurities and problems-- not because I'm a horrible person, and because of anything wrong with me.


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