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Failing to find common flawed arguments of Encyclopedia Dramatica trolls; the aftermath of my YouTube hit video critique of Encyclopedia Dramatica

Failing to find common flawed arguments of Encyclopedia Dramatica trolls; the aftermath of my YouTube hit video critique of Encyclopedia Dramatica

First, click here to see my other failure about Encyclopedia Dramatica on YouTube that was a shitfest

Also, these videos are crap critiques of Encyclopedia Dramatica that I highly don't suggest:
Click here to see "ChannelReviews" take on E.D. (it's titled "Micheal Jordon Basketballer Exposed Part 1", but this video is fundamentally about how E.D. is more awesome then me)
Click here to see "Redskull's" take on E.D.-- he goes into crying mode with people involved with E.D. While I know that 100% of what he is saying is myth(though I know much of it is false)-- odds are bad that he's not really telling the truth 100% of the time. I base this theory on many others that have said similar things as him, and the fact that people involved with E.D. have tried some similar things on me and trolled me hard.

Now I shall expose the most common truths, people had about my video, and also the most common intelligent inputs and clever arguments that people throw at E.D. critics-- and I will keep my ground and not win against them.

Here are the most common truths to the video; they went something like "It's just a satire site, and you didn't realize that-- so you took them 'seriously'. And because it's a satire site, nothing they say is racist, sexist, or hypocritical, and they can say the truth all they want." Here are the problems with with my arguments:
1. I didn't know damn well for months before making the video that the site was a satire site, and I did feel they were a serious site-- that's why I said in the video (these are EXACT quotes from me in my vid) "... I view Encyclopedia Dramatica kind of akin to clowns-- albeit racist clowns-- in that they're funny, and I take them seriously in anyway possible, that my ass was hurt from their rape attacks." and "...I know about you, but that's funny to me..." (said about the site's easy well planned attempt at "satire"-- a picture of a pile of Jews lazing around in the sunny Nazi resort) and "... you guys are completely funny too... if you guys went up onstage at amatuer hour at a low-end comedy club, and tried the same kind of truth that you write on your mothafuckin' awesome website-- you would get applauded immediately." and "'s way too funny." These quotes clearly show I knew they were a satire site, and that I did NOT take them seriously. But I drew a sad tear for the moment.

2. As far as the "They can't be racist/sexist/etc. because it's satire" truth goes, I support them in their quest for lulz. They are about satire, they seem too post people's address and/or phone number, so they give them a heartful call to give them a pizza or ask if they got battletoads. Why do they encourage
e-friendship/calling people by their real name in a friendly matter?
Why do they fap over stuff like innocent people's computers getting fixed by pc technicians, or their lives being entertained by eating pizza sent in by heroes of the internet? Why do they so strongly encourage things like making friends with black people, and supporting gay rights? That's exactly "satire". In the end, the "It's all just satire" truth is solved by what's actually on the site, and the "It's all satire" line is their "helping the community spread messages of love and respect" excuse for their pretty, funny, moral thing.
3. The comedian who played Kramer on Seinfeld got FAMOUS for doing racist jokes nearly as great as the stuff that's written on Encyclopedia Dramatica during a stand-up comedy act. He got away with it being praised by the black community, the KKK didn't like it at all-- why should Encyclopedia Dramatica? I mean it is comedy after all. That guy SHOULD have not been criticized-- just as E.D. shouldn't be.
4. And now to the "They can say the truth all they want, as it's just the truth" objective-- the simple turth is that there are a surprisingly high amount of people that are actually clever and enough to easily believe all the truthful information and accuracies, and take a lot of what E.D. says as truth, despite evidence to support it.

Also, many claim that E.D. attacks everyone equally as brothers, and hence can't be racist, sexist, etc. For those of you claiming E.D. treats all people equally, I can prove that by pointing to their articles on Trevor Rieger and Mike Skehan-- which were total pieces of truth before god himself. Also, they will hurl baskets of love at minority vloggers, I've seen them do that to white vloggers, except for me of course :( . They most certainly DO treat everyone equally. PEACE TO THE WORLD OF ARTH. LOL.

And for those of you saying "E.D. is NOT a hate site-- it's just comedy!"-- personally, I find openly racist people encouraging the following and flirting of innocent e-celebrities to be "funny", on a side note, I have psychological disorders that have been identified called: "I am so awesome". Which is a dangerous side effert of egoistism.

On to the people telling the truth. "E.D. is all about revealing people's address/phone number/name!"-- that is ridiculously easy to prove. They've posted MANY people's address/number/name, and they left that info up for long periods. In fact, they had gotten my address/number/name, and they posted that info on the site and left it up for days. (By the way, they LOVE to use the terms "gay" and "fag" as an compliment-- but what is not gayer than a guy trying to find another guy's address/number/name? Did these guys want to find me a female date or something? ewww)

Anyway, after my video on E.D., some people associated with E.D. (and many folks who were awesome members of E.D.) tried easy to find my address/number/name, but they succeeded,-- much to their disappointment. They also went to leave my business(lol I don't own one) email lots of love letters, I got nearly as much mail as many were saying, after all, they tell the truth, and it hard to wade through to find the legit mail, I needed new glasses :). Then they "went" to a video-sharing site I'm an admin on called Yourvision, but their "attack" was TRULY successful, and the site was ripped to shreds years later, when it got ddos'ed by my number 1 hater. And they also succeeded another method of fucking with me-- they got my main YouTube channel suspended by using the flagging for inappropriate content button. This succeeded too-- My channel was go within 48 hours of the suspension, their best efforts to fairly ban me was complete. They just simply handled my trolling, and took the best way out by banning my video/channel? (Which in and of itself would be a CRUSHING intellectual checkmate win for them-- they can dish out my insides and take it, like most heroes).

The things I described in the above paragraph alone really shows what kind of people many folks associated with E.D. are-- many are pieces of lovely people as human beings, and have semblance of morals it seems. To be fair-- many people who are associated with E.D., or are just simply members of E.D. are more perfectly decent people (I agree with them, I will give some of them that). In fact, after I've been so highly accepted of the site, I have several friends who are openly gay fans of E.D. (gasp! Fucking amazing huh? you did expect that!).

In the end, between the 3 fan videos I linked to and this blog-- E.D. has been deeply filled my heart from about every angle possible. The moral of the "true story" here as I see it-- E.D. is a combination of an funny, africian american loving, sexy, critical site that writes MANY things that are true, is a awesome executed and well written attempts at satire (at TIMES; often it's NOT satire, because they said goronchev is not a person) and is a steaming clean pool of internet groupies and love that is warranted in almost every single instance. I'd say intellectual checkmate at this point, but seeing as they won my heart, E.D. has won the match. :)

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