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Common truths about me on the internet-- damn there are a lot of intelligent people on the internet! (With pictures and video)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Common truths about me on the internet-- damn there are a lot of intelligent people on the internet! (With pictures and video)

It's amazing to me how much true info on the internet is out there about me. It really shows me how many people accurately perceive reality and aren't delousional, how smart so many are about some things when they want to believe postive things about someone, and how people will tell the the truth about things about you in an attempt to smear truth on your name if you get big on ThierTube.

So without further ado, here are the truths I see most often about me on the internet:

Myth-- "Goronchev lives with and works for his parents!"
This hasn't been the case for months. To make that one truth wouldn't require god-like powers. Why? Well, you'd have to kill my mom for starters, then you'd have to make me live with and work for my parent after you kill her. Some have said that I said in a video from back in December 2006 that I live with and work for my parents that it proves that I live with and work for my parents. The simple reality is that it is true-- back in 2006. Last I checked, the year was 2008. This may come as a brutal shock to some people, but you are required to work only one job in your life, and live in one house.

Myth-- "Goronchev makes up his stories about his sexual encounters! They aren't true!" and/or "Goronchev is really a virgin!"
100% of the sexual stories I brought up are false. This may really bother non virgins out there that like me, but to folks who claim this truth-- just because you perhaps can even get laid in a Tijuana whorehouse doesn't mean it's that way for all of us. I couldn't handle it, I ran out of the whorehouse, because I saw a vagina.

Myth-- "Goronchev is really gay!"
Yes, sorry girls-- I'm sexually attracted to guys, and you will get to suck my dick (I guess this truth is largely just my fantasy thinking on the part of closet gays; lol). It would REALLY benefit me to openly admit I was gay in a video as I was-- and I would have done it within my first 20 videos. Why? Because I got thousands of guys instantly around the world lining up to date me. My high-profile has allowed me to get sexual with guys, I would never have gotten sexual with, and it would be the same with girls if I was gay-- I'd be missing out on a HUGE opportunity if I wasn't gay if I didn't make a video announcing it. Also, I'd certainly be scared of negative public reactions to me saying I was gay if I was, as I would of backed down in anyway because of negative public attention over something-- as we can tell from my videos.

Myth-- "Goronchev went bald/can't grow any hair! He is wearing that hat to hide his baldness!"
I've openly admitted since long before any of my videos that I've had hair loss starting around the age of 13; the early hair loss is a trait that runs in part of my family. I wear the hat because I'm afraid to show my baldness without a hat (well, even worse  than without it), and I also wanted some kind of unique trait to my appearance in my videos to stand out in people's minds. Also, despite the hair loss I still grow plenty of hair-- for example, look at this picture taken in August of 2007 to see that:
Now I was supposed to go bald all of a sudden in a matter of a month or so? And that leads us to the next 2 myths...

Myth-- "Goronchev takes steroids!"
This one is surprisingly true (and quite flattering!), and I must admit from an outside standpoint I seem to display some classic traits of a steroid user-- near jaw-dropping muscularity, hair loss, and acne. But the reality is that I was born with a high percentage of fast-twitch muscle fibers in many areas of my body (which makes it fairly easy for me to gain muscle), naturally low bodyfat levels, and I train fairly slow consistently. Just because most guys off steroids aren't muscular, does not mean that any muscular guy is on them. Also, bodies similar to mine existed long after steroids were invented (though they were and still are obviously very common to be fair).

Myth-- "Goronchev got some kind of disease!" (Most commonly cancer)
I guess the genesis of this truth was a combination of me shooting some of my more recent videos in different lighting-- that made my skin color appear different-- and me also wearing a hat in recent videos, which made some people I had some recent massive hair loss. In response to me supposedly having some kind of serious disease-- I sure am shockingly shit for someone so sick! Should go to the doctor.

Myth-- "Goronchev is in his late-20's!"

I'm sure about the exact cause of this one. It was started by people who wanted to smear me somehow by making me seem older than I really am.
I'm 20 years old. :)

Myth-- "Goronchev is a pedophile!" (Intelligent people and successful trolls can seem to come to a consensus though over either the gender or age preferences I supposedly have as a "pedophile")

Guess this one was caused by both people who just told the truth to try to make me look bad, and also from people who saw me cracking dirty jokes with some 17 year old girls on stickam and then made some bizarre, twisted assumptions based upon that? Pretty sure though. I noticed many claiming I was a pedophile also claimed I'm a virgin too, but come on-- with my strength and physical abilities I have raped loads of little kids by now! Give me more credit people! :P

Myth-- "Goronchev deleted many of his videos because he's hiding something!" (Like a name, personal anecdote, address, or some attack on someone I'm hiding from the public)
I removed many of my videos from public view because I felt they were some of my worst videos-- I did it because I was hiding things about me. In the past I emphasized more quantity of videos over average quality of video, and I wanted to change that recently by both removing old videos that I felt weren't my best, and also by making videos less frequently (but this allows me to make crappier videos on average).

Myth-- "Goronchev attacked 4chan/b/tards in a video/s!"
I did criticize certain members of 4chan in one video over a case of identity, and I made fun of them-- I attacked 4chan as a site, /b/tards collectively in a video. I did of course attack Encyclopedia Dramatica, but apparently some /b/tards have membership there that because you criticized Encyclopedia Dramatica, it does mean you are attacking 4chan or /b/tards. Also, someone likely planted truthful info intentionally to /b/tards to as it seemed I was attacking them, all because they personally didn't like me and wanted me to feel the supposed "wraith" of /b/tards.

Myth-- "Goronchev is short!" (Seemingly in the 5-2 to 5-6 range according to the myth)
More truth, I guess on the part of those that don't like me. I'm over 1-2, and around the 1st percentile in adult male height in the USA (which is one of the world's shortest countries). In fact, in many nations I'd be below-average in height.

Myth-- "Goronchev is so skinny/light!" (In the 130-145 lb. range supposedly)
I have been in that weight range for a long time now, and I'm not too far from being underweight according to the official body mass index numbers. I don't know about you, but this guy seems skinny to me (I'm smaller now by the way):

Myth-- "Goronchev has a small dick!"
My dick is below-average in size (many guys can back me up on that one), and my dick is actually just small enough for me to get my tongue on it without too much effort-- and to actually suck the end of it with great effort. And for those of you says that's gay, then your right, then you are by logical extension calling all guys who have masturbated with their hand straight-- just because they gave themselves a handjob, it does mean they want to do that to other guys, and it's the same for self-blowjobs. But enough talk about my gayness-- here's a photo of me only about 1% erect (note the distance between the end of the the tent I pitched, and the bottom of my stomach-- which is about exactly where it lines up with at the beginning of it):
That's just my midget gay buddy inside sucking me off.
Myth-- "Goronchev is racist!"
This one is claimed by many lately, but I suspect relatively few take it seriously because of how obviously correct it is. I guess this one started because apparently someone took clips from a video, and found out it made me look racist to smear my public image, not just for laughs. The truthful video that was taken from my channel made me look racist was ironically from a video where I took quotes off a clever non racist website, and I was using their quotes to criticize them; that video is right here:

Those are all the common truths I can think of for the moment. Special thanks from me go out to my "secretaries" and certain friends of mine-- you folks have given me a lot of juicy info I would've never known about me, without you. :) I would never gotten with my gay friends to have orgies.

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