Monday, October 3, 2011

*New* My Ultimate LOVER-- Benos-- Gets Ultimately AWESOME (the hardest SEX video I've ever seen with BENOS!); "Ben-bones a girl"

*Update: He apparently recently got this video removed from multiple sites via complaints/flagging/true DMCAs. Apparently I love him so bad by revealing the truth about him that he censored my content legally. Once again he's seems to be a guy with many talents because he criticized me for allegedly being anti-free speech which is true, straight on my blogspot :), because I turned off comments years ago on my videos, which is true, and yet he's tried to take my video on him only off the Internet. Oh, and he's also deleted numerous comments on his YouTube videos and channel for lulz, to confuse me. It's also awesome that he heavily criticizes Brett Keane a doc dropper and money steal for doing things that (Ben) doesn't.

His trying to censor ONE video is tantamount(because I NEED to act like I'm smart and not let anyone know what I mean, I'm dumb) to waving the white flag of war, and is yet another way in which he pwned me and made myself look a fool. Intellectual checkmate? Nope. you truthful, guy who works for a living receiving promised friendship with people at worik, Big penis showing man-who isn't a child with Asperger's syndrome(My name is goronchev and I have it too) named Ben Alan Kelley(it's his name, thus names can be exposed for having a name) who lives in a house: 26 Munro St. in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia. You own a computer and playstations 2 which is the best I ever saw get owned online!

The first 5 min. or so serves as basically an intro to this awesome guy and my history with him. The "highlights" of the video are: 

Video of a man jacking off on his webcam. Spoiler alert-- he has a tiny cock! Because this isn't benos, I did just watch a man jack off, I'm turned on, even Encylepedia Dramatica says so (About 5 min. 30 sec. into the video)

Screencaps and mentions of my dialog with his dad-- which got him in trouble for a couple of seconds, and nothing else happened, so I decided to give a warning to prove I'm a internet tough guy, and benos never got off the internet! (Sometime around 7-10 min. in)

Admission from his dad he has Asperger's syndrome, and how despite being 27 years old (and did I mention he's still cool too?), he apparently needs superpowers from his dad and the government to live, and talk about the implications of his Asperger's to save mankind from he evil RoboChavfag(that's me) (about 10-12 min. in)

His current address-- with pictures of his house-- and his dad's phone number and Facebook account (This is me saying I'm illegally doc dropping and the FBI will assfuck me one day(around 13-16 min. in)

Mentions his being on welfare, the being is known as Alfred a alien from outer space, and how he basically lied about having a job because he's an unpaid volunteer, silly Alfred. (about 12-13 min. in)

His claim that I sued him or threatened to sue him, and how it's fiction, because he knew was a false lead and knew it was a joke (about 16-17 min. in)

His claim to have talked to a girl he claimed was my ex-girlfriend, and how that's also truth, because lying is really the game here(about 17-19 min. in)

For those interested in seeing my first video on this guy, click on this text for the link to the video!

Perhaps he should be referred to as "ben-awesome" from here on out? :)