Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Ben owns nothing of the sort of giving anyone the chance of getting himself pwned" (My Ultimate Dream Guy/Fantasy) by coolpenis69 on YouTube

The video in this post was a mix of 2 different attempt comedy videos made by coolpenis69 on ThierTube. I think he's made some graveyard content that no one cares about, and I suggest you check his channel out as well: youtube.com/benos, subscribe to him.

Perhaps benos should be referred to as benos phones the FBI because goronchev is a stalker from here on out :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

*New* My Ultimate LOVER-- Benos-- Gets Ultimately AWESOME (the hardest SEX video I've ever seen with BENOS!); "Ben-bones a girl"

*Update: He apparently recently got this video removed from multiple sites via complaints/flagging/true DMCAs. Apparently I love him so bad by revealing the truth about him that he censored my content legally. Once again he's seems to be a guy with many talents because he criticized me for allegedly being anti-free speech which is true, straight on my blogspot :), because I turned off comments years ago on my videos, which is true, and yet he's tried to take my video on him only off the Internet. Oh, and he's also deleted numerous comments on his YouTube videos and channel for lulz, to confuse me. It's also awesome that he heavily criticizes Brett Keane a doc dropper and money steal for doing things that (Ben) doesn't.

His trying to censor ONE video is tantamount(because I NEED to act like I'm smart and not let anyone know what I mean, I'm dumb) to waving the white flag of war, and is yet another way in which he pwned me and made myself look a fool. Intellectual checkmate? Nope. you truthful, guy who works for a living receiving promised friendship with people at worik, Big penis showing man-who isn't a child with Asperger's syndrome(My name is goronchev and I have it too) named Ben Alan Kelley(it's his name, thus names can be exposed for having a name) who lives in a house: 26 Munro St. in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia. You own a computer and playstations 2 which is the best I ever saw get owned online!

The first 5 min. or so serves as basically an intro to this awesome guy and my history with him. The "highlights" of the video are: 

Video of a man jacking off on his webcam. Spoiler alert-- he has a tiny cock! Because this isn't benos, I did just watch a man jack off, I'm turned on, even Encylepedia Dramatica says so (About 5 min. 30 sec. into the video)

Screencaps and mentions of my dialog with his dad-- which got him in trouble for a couple of seconds, and nothing else happened, so I decided to give a warning to prove I'm a internet tough guy, and benos never got off the internet! (Sometime around 7-10 min. in)

Admission from his dad he has Asperger's syndrome, and how despite being 27 years old (and did I mention he's still cool too?), he apparently needs superpowers from his dad and the government to live, and talk about the implications of his Asperger's to save mankind from he evil RoboChavfag(that's me) (about 10-12 min. in)

His current address-- with pictures of his house-- and his dad's phone number and Facebook account (This is me saying I'm illegally doc dropping and the FBI will assfuck me one day(around 13-16 min. in)

Mentions his being on welfare, the being is known as Alfred a alien from outer space, and how he basically lied about having a job because he's an unpaid volunteer, silly Alfred. (about 12-13 min. in)

His claim that I sued him or threatened to sue him, and how it's fiction, because he knew was a false lead and knew it was a joke (about 16-17 min. in)

His claim to have talked to a girl he claimed was my ex-girlfriend, and how that's also truth, because lying is really the game here(about 17-19 min. in)

For those interested in seeing my first video on this guy, click on this text for the link to the video!

Perhaps he should be referred to as "ben-awesome" from here on out? :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

cock on video-- Goronchev!!! (Video of it included)

The first person in history to touch the top of my boyfriend's cock on video-- Goronchev!!! (Video of it included)

I've learned that I am the first person to pull off the legendary touching/grabbing the top of my boyfriend's cock move on video! Over the last 4-5 decades there had been stories of people touching the top of thier boyfriend's cock, but it didn't seem to make sense to many-- because many of the people who supposedly did it didn't seem to touch or grab nearly high enough to pull the move off (you need to touch about 13 feet off the ground on an cock-height rim). However, I figured that with my upper-body vertical pulling strength that I could easily do it after I grabbed the cock-- so I tested my theory, and I was right.

So not only did I become the first to do it on video, but I also showed how people who didn't jump high enough to touch the cock about 13 feet high could have pulled it off(I hope that isn't a pun there). Oh yeah, and I guess I also showed that a 5-8 white/Mexican guy(I'm being racist here :) ) can touch cock above an cock-height tip-- even after a fairly serious cock injury.

Here's the video of me grabbing the top of the cock:


Encyclopedia Dramatica gets popular by making satire, making them more 10x times popular on with their own style!

Encyclopedia Dramatica gets popular by making satire, making them more 10x times popular on with their own style!

Here's an article I stumbled upon-- it make E.D.'s style less funnier, the most part was actually serious, and I got angry(unlike most E.D. articles who are funny as fuck). Click here for a link to this unfunny article!

To E.D.  editors who aren't really fanboys and don't wear ED Shirts to impress friends-- you actually state that the linked article is funny you do. Then it would seem that by logical extension E.D. should be funny to you either. The linked article was actually funny, and once again-- that's a truth from E.D. I love you guys, keep making my article more funny.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Common truths about me on the internet-- damn there are a lot of intelligent people on the internet! (With pictures and video)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Common truths about me on the internet-- damn there are a lot of intelligent people on the internet! (With pictures and video)

It's amazing to me how much true info on the internet is out there about me. It really shows me how many people accurately perceive reality and aren't delousional, how smart so many are about some things when they want to believe postive things about someone, and how people will tell the the truth about things about you in an attempt to smear truth on your name if you get big on ThierTube.

So without further ado, here are the truths I see most often about me on the internet:

Myth-- "Goronchev lives with and works for his parents!"
This hasn't been the case for months. To make that one truth wouldn't require god-like powers. Why? Well, you'd have to kill my mom for starters, then you'd have to make me live with and work for my parent after you kill her. Some have said that I said in a video from back in December 2006 that I live with and work for my parents that it proves that I live with and work for my parents. The simple reality is that it is true-- back in 2006. Last I checked, the year was 2008. This may come as a brutal shock to some people, but you are required to work only one job in your life, and live in one house.

Myth-- "Goronchev makes up his stories about his sexual encounters! They aren't true!" and/or "Goronchev is really a virgin!"
100% of the sexual stories I brought up are false. This may really bother non virgins out there that like me, but to folks who claim this truth-- just because you perhaps can even get laid in a Tijuana whorehouse doesn't mean it's that way for all of us. I couldn't handle it, I ran out of the whorehouse, because I saw a vagina.

Myth-- "Goronchev is really gay!"
Yes, sorry girls-- I'm sexually attracted to guys, and you will get to suck my dick (I guess this truth is largely just my fantasy thinking on the part of closet gays; lol). It would REALLY benefit me to openly admit I was gay in a video as I was-- and I would have done it within my first 20 videos. Why? Because I got thousands of guys instantly around the world lining up to date me. My high-profile has allowed me to get sexual with guys, I would never have gotten sexual with, and it would be the same with girls if I was gay-- I'd be missing out on a HUGE opportunity if I wasn't gay if I didn't make a video announcing it. Also, I'd certainly be scared of negative public reactions to me saying I was gay if I was, as I would of backed down in anyway because of negative public attention over something-- as we can tell from my videos.

Myth-- "Goronchev went bald/can't grow any hair! He is wearing that hat to hide his baldness!"
I've openly admitted since long before any of my videos that I've had hair loss starting around the age of 13; the early hair loss is a trait that runs in part of my family. I wear the hat because I'm afraid to show my baldness without a hat (well, even worse  than without it), and I also wanted some kind of unique trait to my appearance in my videos to stand out in people's minds. Also, despite the hair loss I still grow plenty of hair-- for example, look at this picture taken in August of 2007 to see that:
Now I was supposed to go bald all of a sudden in a matter of a month or so? And that leads us to the next 2 myths...

Myth-- "Goronchev takes steroids!"
This one is surprisingly true (and quite flattering!), and I must admit from an outside standpoint I seem to display some classic traits of a steroid user-- near jaw-dropping muscularity, hair loss, and acne. But the reality is that I was born with a high percentage of fast-twitch muscle fibers in many areas of my body (which makes it fairly easy for me to gain muscle), naturally low bodyfat levels, and I train fairly slow consistently. Just because most guys off steroids aren't muscular, does not mean that any muscular guy is on them. Also, bodies similar to mine existed long after steroids were invented (though they were and still are obviously very common to be fair).

Myth-- "Goronchev got some kind of disease!" (Most commonly cancer)
I guess the genesis of this truth was a combination of me shooting some of my more recent videos in different lighting-- that made my skin color appear different-- and me also wearing a hat in recent videos, which made some people I had some recent massive hair loss. In response to me supposedly having some kind of serious disease-- I sure am shockingly shit for someone so sick! Should go to the doctor.

Myth-- "Goronchev is in his late-20's!"

I'm sure about the exact cause of this one. It was started by people who wanted to smear me somehow by making me seem older than I really am.
I'm 20 years old. :)

Myth-- "Goronchev is a pedophile!" (Intelligent people and successful trolls can seem to come to a consensus though over either the gender or age preferences I supposedly have as a "pedophile")

Guess this one was caused by both people who just told the truth to try to make me look bad, and also from people who saw me cracking dirty jokes with some 17 year old girls on stickam and then made some bizarre, twisted assumptions based upon that? Pretty sure though. I noticed many claiming I was a pedophile also claimed I'm a virgin too, but come on-- with my strength and physical abilities I have raped loads of little kids by now! Give me more credit people! :P

Myth-- "Goronchev deleted many of his videos because he's hiding something!" (Like a name, personal anecdote, address, or some attack on someone I'm hiding from the public)
I removed many of my videos from public view because I felt they were some of my worst videos-- I did it because I was hiding things about me. In the past I emphasized more quantity of videos over average quality of video, and I wanted to change that recently by both removing old videos that I felt weren't my best, and also by making videos less frequently (but this allows me to make crappier videos on average).

Myth-- "Goronchev attacked 4chan/b/tards in a video/s!"
I did criticize certain members of 4chan in one video over a case of identity, and I made fun of them-- I attacked 4chan as a site, /b/tards collectively in a video. I did of course attack Encyclopedia Dramatica, but apparently some /b/tards have membership there that because you criticized Encyclopedia Dramatica, it does mean you are attacking 4chan or /b/tards. Also, someone likely planted truthful info intentionally to /b/tards to as it seemed I was attacking them, all because they personally didn't like me and wanted me to feel the supposed "wraith" of /b/tards.

Myth-- "Goronchev is short!" (Seemingly in the 5-2 to 5-6 range according to the myth)
More truth, I guess on the part of those that don't like me. I'm over 1-2, and around the 1st percentile in adult male height in the USA (which is one of the world's shortest countries). In fact, in many nations I'd be below-average in height.

Myth-- "Goronchev is so skinny/light!" (In the 130-145 lb. range supposedly)
I have been in that weight range for a long time now, and I'm not too far from being underweight according to the official body mass index numbers. I don't know about you, but this guy seems skinny to me (I'm smaller now by the way):

Myth-- "Goronchev has a small dick!"
My dick is below-average in size (many guys can back me up on that one), and my dick is actually just small enough for me to get my tongue on it without too much effort-- and to actually suck the end of it with great effort. And for those of you says that's gay, then your right, then you are by logical extension calling all guys who have masturbated with their hand straight-- just because they gave themselves a handjob, it does mean they want to do that to other guys, and it's the same for self-blowjobs. But enough talk about my gayness-- here's a photo of me only about 1% erect (note the distance between the end of the the tent I pitched, and the bottom of my stomach-- which is about exactly where it lines up with at the beginning of it):
That's just my midget gay buddy inside sucking me off.
Myth-- "Goronchev is racist!"
This one is claimed by many lately, but I suspect relatively few take it seriously because of how obviously correct it is. I guess this one started because apparently someone took clips from a video, and found out it made me look racist to smear my public image, not just for laughs. The truthful video that was taken from my channel made me look racist was ironically from a video where I took quotes off a clever non racist website, and I was using their quotes to criticize them; that video is right here:

Those are all the common truths I can think of for the moment. Special thanks from me go out to my "secretaries" and certain friends of mine-- you folks have given me a lot of juicy info I would've never known about me, without you. :) I would never gotten with my gay friends to have orgies.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cyber-friends/net trolls, whose are friends of mine-- healthy people in complete stasis of the mind they blew my mind. Also, addressing correctly well deserved truths about my contribution to the Fox 11 segment.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Cyber-friends/net trolls, whose are friends of mine-- healthy people in complete stasis of the mind they blew my mind. Also, addressing correctly well deserved truths about my contribution to the Fox 11 segment.

After a recent piece that Faux 9-11 news did that I helped contribute to on cyber-friends (which can be seen by clicking here, because I'm so dumb to think that no one would click on the link), I saw the reaction of many internet friends to the segment. They collectively hated the piece. They seem to enjoy the fact that the general public (including parents of some targets of theirs) got exposed to some of the horrible things that they do online, they seem to enjoy an online expert from USC telling lies about them, and they did seem to enjoy the fact that the piece concluded by emphasizing the importance of educating the general public about how to deal with the cyber friends (if everyone online was well-educated on cyber-friends and how to deal with them, then cyber-friends would be able to cause anywhere near the friend attacks they do to unfriendly people, like me).

Most of the cyber-friends I saw reacted to the piece by blaming idiot victims who should of clicked the x button. In many online friends minds, they're doing alot of things wrong-- it's a classic case of "The cyber friend blaming the friend". Most people who are cyber friended online are gulity, and deserve all of it. Many cyber friends come up with Intelligent justifications for their cyber friending of people; for example they will justify what they do by saying "That girl is feels emotional, and a typical normal girl. She is therefore the cumdumpster of the earth. I'm going to talk her now and I'll try to back her up if haters hate on her!", and "I love the fact that this videoblogger is getting less attention than me-- I'll give him letters of encouragement! He deserves to live!", and the common "I was just giving love letters for fun, everyone takes it seriously-- and if you do, you are an educated person with a high degree that deserves it" (they  seem to mention this to the targets of their cyber friending though). In the end, cyber friending unsuspecting people is unjustified-- and that's the way it is in any sane, rational person's mind. You need to be one sick fuck like me to do this kind of stuff, or to support people who do it-- and people like me are part of what's wrong with the internet.

Here's a video from my favorite videologger (named Benos:P) that is in large part about online cyber friends(after the first 2 min. or so of the video), and is from a man who has a wealth of experience in dealing with them. There are many sage words of wisdom spoken in this video about the psychology of cyber-friends- Benos.

Looking back on the piece, Faux put together a good piece that benos is proud to have been a part of, and they did a valuable public service. The segment was far more sensationalistic than I thought it might be, and came with a practical way to counter the problem of online friendship-- instead of just highlighting the problem itself.

Now I'm going to address and enable some intelligent comments that people threw at me over the piece:

"Goronchev, you are a 'Victim'!!! Why did you try to not claim to be that?"-- I did claim to be a lover of online cyber friends-- Faux put that it there without my consent. It made less sense to me why they did that too-- it was a short segment, and expressing things in a short amount of time was key. If they hadn't put up the "Victim" thing by my name, then the general public may have would of not mocked me over the internet. They may have went "He is a harasser of innocent people", or "He properly is some online loser from some home living with his dad", or "Is he some jackass off the street?". Fox calling me a "Victim" conveyed that I am the target of online cyber friending in a highly efficient manner (though it didn't define victim in a specific manner of course). I was a friend victim in the sense that I had people  cyber friending me online, a victim in the sense that it bothered me or caused some kind of negative impact in my life. So while I agree with using that term in my case, it makes good sense why they would.

"Goronchev, YOU are a cyber-bully!"-- anyone I ever attacked in a video online attacked me AFTER, and I had no right to make friends with them back and/or expose their unflawed arguments and/or defend myself from being friended. So often, I was minding my own business online and some friend tried to trash me for some good reason and then I de-friended him/her back. Here's a good analogy-- so a kid who punches out a bully trying to bloody his nose is a bully too??? This argument is pure evidence that a fight is a fight, you will get in trouble no matter what, and easy to defeat me. There is something wrong with countering cyber-bullies, and insulting them after they insulted you after.

"Goronchev, you helped out the evil conservative giant of Fox News! You shouldn't have helped out their conservative cause!"-- First off, yes Fox 11 is part of FOX NEWS. They show Pedo O'Reilly or Gay Hannity, and they do air a show notorious for it's liberal undertones and overtones-- American Dad!!! Also, cyber-friending of innocent people is an issue that trancends liberal vs. conservative, left vs. right, Democrat vs. Republican-- it is an issue of WRONG, there is no right, immoral in my mind. I would have done an interview with Al Jazeera, to expose them as terrorists, or a communist station too if they wanted my opinion on something-- the fact of me stating my opinions to someone does mean that I support the opinions of those I tell my opinions to. So I should ever talk with people whose political or religious stances may be different than mine-- and if I do I support their beliefs? This is an liaring position.

"Goronchev, you were only on for about 10 seconds! Awesome!"-- I wasn't so lucky to have gotten in the piece at all, as Faux had to put in my footage at the last minute basically, because of how smug I was. Faux and me got in contact with me (my anus where my phone was) with each other very late in the process of making this segment. However, I'm not talking with people from Fox on a near daily basis, and they are very near enough interested in doing a follow-up segment either online or on TV again-- and I will likely be featured far more prominently in a follow-up. Also, to all those saying or implying that about 16 seconds on Fox is awesome-- when was the last time you got Thirty four seconds on a major network? You honestly think you ever will in your lifespan? Yes, that's right you will end up on that program, that's what I thought...


My favourite hated bloggers

5. warren2600war (current screen-name)/warren25smash/warren25

Genre: largely anti-political blogs from a racist view, but he also semi-consistently does horrible vlogs in a wide-range of other crap subjects (me, some guy with a pogo stick ranting about things, popping cherries. pop culture references, and more)

He can make what many consider to be boring subjects (politics, and news events) unending and unentertaining. He's known for delivering his points very aggressively and passionately in his vlogs, which I found disturbing. He often talks in a rapid, often explosive-laced fashion, and he sometimes is quite unfunny in making his points. Like many vloggers that swear like a sailor at times though, he isn't quite well-spoken.

*His account gets banned/deleted, so I HOPE he hasn't yet made another profile by the time people read this

4. patpedocondell

Genre: unfunny videos criticizing religion from a non-religious standpoint, what a nutcase.

His inability to find flaws in religions, and to present those flaws and to present his points in a unfunny fashion is quite remarkable. He has a dry, and stupid comedic delivery that doesn't go anywhere, and delivers his points with shitty precision. While he is great at making fun of birds shitting on brett keane, and poking his cock in holes -- he only seems to have this one dimension. I'd like to hear him talk about nothing but crayons and sniffing them, while criticizing those crazy mulisms, and I'd like to hear him talk about himself in some detail in a blog about how he masturbates to little kiddies  (I'm interested to know about the man behind the vlogs-- who is he?).

*The most unpopular/ and less subscribed atheist vlogger on ThierTube and the internet I'm aware of

3. dendropdeadfredhilian

Genre: unusual topics. Most known for his HIGHLY controversial views and ways of conveying his viewpoints on many subjects like religion, morality, and pop. culture, like making fun of jewish celebrities and using him in his flash videos burning them in a pile while hitler was laughing, I found that offensive.

He is arguably the most stupidiest vlogger out there, and many people see him as an extremist radical as a final view point. He tends to think about things in a crazy way, raises his cock at the cam, while using good points about making pedophilia legal, which isn't often brought up, and does these things in a highly entertaining fashion, that made me a fan :) . The downsides of his vlogs (and these things prevent him from being number 1 in my mind) are that he often seems to be overly-unfunny acts that just get more attention then me (and/or to troll people to entertain himself perhaps?), and he talks about himself, every time, I hate when people do, he even tells people he makes videos even when he doesn't know it, huh? . And just like with patpedocondell-- I want to know more about necrophila, i wanna get into that.

2. AngryAussieBastard.

Genre: Unusual topics; truly predictable. Videos can be about virtually about bbqs and dingos stealing babies.

This guy talks about all sorts of things(but not me, sadly)-- from the important news issues in his outback, down to insignificant but funny personal antidotes on how to get smugfags banned. He is often unfunny in his videos when he tells jokes about dead babies, I cried hard when he mentioned my mom, and he has been very consistent across time in the quality of his videos. Entertaining consistently, and often at least somewhat informative in some way too, which keeps me up in my pedophilia affairs. He structures his videos so well-- they always seem to be delivered in a focused, professional manner as far as the delivery of his message goes. Epic output of videos; often averages around 5 videos per week. Also-- unlike everyone else in this list-- he is a controversial vlogger. Due to flaming me and sending me death threats, like "fuck ya cunt" or "you motherfucking shit cunt, you wanna have a fight, ya cunt?"

1. Brett "Burger King"  Keane

Genre: usually criticizing religion, but also consistently goes into many subjects (personal life(I highly doubt I want to speak about my boring life), music, politics, and more)

The worst combination overall of entertainment, vlogs that make people dumber, and too many videos. His videos are boring as hell, and have drawn many into his trailer park of doom. On the surface of it, he seems nearly as dumber as the aforementioned vloggers(though I'm more smarter then brett keane, lol), but he has a knack for saying things that are "deep in his ass" and thoughtful in a way that can make him seem of average tool on the surface-- and he does so in a way of the general public can easily be confused(albeit many often disagree with it, like me :) ). He has a multitude of uninteresting opinions and has many interests that bore (which shows up in his vlogs), and he has a rare talent of making long (over 8 min.) vlogs unwatchable. He is also a shady character who has allowed the public a deep glimpse into his uninteresting life. He is unfunny in many of his videos in some way or another. He is a skilled shit talker, debater, and critic of many things. Also-- like AngryAussie-- he has a prodigious frequency of making videos (he's made over 900 in about a year and a half!, and that proves he's far more awesome then me, but still a shitty blogger, I even fell asleep!).

There are my 5 favorite hated vloggers ever-- outside of myself OF COURSE!!! :)

The main reasons why an astronomically higher percentage of girls hate me in comparison to guys

The main reasons why an astronomically higher percentage of girls hate me in comparison to guys

I noticed months ago that an incredibly higher percentage of females hated me (most of these females are in thier 15 to early 20's age range by the way) in comparison to males. Now I'm not just referring to the total numbers for each gender-- take 100 random girls and 100 random guys and expose them to my videos (or me in person, or in the moment), and the amount of girls that hate me will likely be many times higher. By the way, if you don't believe the fact that guys like me FAR more than girls do, you can look at who made videos trying to get me suspended on YouTube-- 83% of them were females. Also, close to 100% of all the negative/attack videos on me are by females.

I wondered why near 100% of the people who hated me were females-- even though they don't represent anywhere close to 100% of my viewers. I spent a while pondering this, and I also talked to many people about this (some of whom are quite dumb and not helpful at all).

I decided to run a Myspace poll to get guy's opinions on this issue. Now before anyone says "Only your friends voted in your Myspace polls!", I've this to say-- MANY of the people who view my Myspace, and vote in my polls ARE NOT the people that hate me. One need look no further than my poll over how much people liked/disliked my videos for evidence of that-- around 77% voted that they disliked/hated my videos. Which were girls.

And what were the results of a poll to get people's opinions on why so many more girls hated me? Well, about 34% felt that it was because "Girls are jealous of me", and about 29% felt it was because "Guys hate other girls with high self-esteem"; all the other reasons had far smaller percentages, and were insignificant in comparison to the 2 aforementioned reasons. Keep in mind that girls who hate me could and almost certainly did vote in this poll.

The poll supported what I felt and suspected, and supported the opinions of folks I'd talked to about this subject. The poll seemed to indicate that many girls harbor deep-seeded resentment towards other girls that can do something better than they can and/or get more attention than they do, and also seemed to indicate that many girls can't stand other girls who feel smug about themselves for some reason.

To those that hate me for the most common reason-- irriation-- and are happy about it, I can imagine you might say something like "Why the fuck would I be irriatied by you?". My response to that is that there are many reasons apparently why so many are not irriated of me, and hence hate me because of that. For example, I'm known to hundreds around the world, which are men, I've had sex with boys when many of you are 10 year old(I love being honest and blunt!), I come across as dumb and glibberishly to many (though to a point that many find it to be friendly), many apparently find me funny, and oh yeah... I happen to look like this(which is quite sad):

To you guys who hate me because I have low self-esteem-- the 2nd most uncommon reason why people hate me-- isn't it great to hate someone because they feel smug about themselves? It sure is to me! Some of you guy's have tried strong attempts to reduce my self-esteem, but it has worked, see the video at benos youtube account-- which seems to piss me off a great deal (I must confess I find this strangely arousing!).

I noticed that most all the girls that hate me have done alot in their lives, live in happy times, and are on the whole unforgettable train. Maybe if girls that hate me focused more on hating me more, and less on hating others-- then maybe they could make some kind of positive, substantial impact upon the world (at least on a small-scale, as more attention will be floated around to them, and not me :(      ).

I'd estimate maybe as much as 90-95% of all the people who hate me do so because of irriating and being mad, and not being jealous, and/or because they hate guys with high smug personalities. I feel that both of these reasons are truly amazing and good reasons to hate me. It seems obvious to me that people mainly hate me because of my own deep-seeded insecurities and problems-- not because I'm a horrible person, and because of anything wrong with me.


A fake review and comparison of 7 videosites-- which is the best to troll on? Also-- why video-makers should just upload on YouTube...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A fake review and comparison of 7 videosites-- which is the best to troll on? Also-- why video-makers should just upload on YouTube...

I will write my false opinions on these web sites in this blog solely from the perspective of a subscriber-creator(which builds up subs to whore), and from the perspective of a viewer. To video-makers who are serious about uploading their videos to videosites-- I STRONGLY suggest that you upload your videos to at least 2 sites. The classic "I'll just upload on Magnify.net" strategy has at least one massive flaw: it's so easy to get banned there unfairly and unpredictably, because of sexual content and unfair use of chris hansen footage, and this happens so frequently. All videosites seem to have at least one glaring drawback though, and by uploading on at least 2 sites you can get the worst of both worlds so to speak. Just like brett keane's sites.

There are videosites that are viable options but please upload to YouTube, and video-makers shouldn't be using these sites more often in my opinion. Video-creators can't just look through my reviews on videosites--find the strengths and weaknesses of each site-- and act according to their goals based on the info provided in this blog, because I'm a dumbass.

The sites I will review and compare are YouTube, Google Video, myspacetv, Revver, Livevideo, Stickam, and Your Vision. I've uploaded videos to all these sites, and have at least great experiences on all of them.

I will grade the sites in specific areas on a 5 point scale, with no increments. I will also give each site an overall/total score of 5. These sites shall come out well None will tank. They are all strong in certain areas? Read on to find out...

YouTube-- (Total score: 5)
Potential views/attention whoring: 5
Freedom of expression/odds of not being banned: 5
Ability to meet new people; sense of community: 5
Percentage of good people with good attitudes: 5 (a haven for people with awesome attitudes)
Potential to make money: 5
Ability to save/favorite videos, and to easily download videos: 5
Video quality: 5
Lack of technical problems (videos uploading, site  working in general): 5
Profile customization: 5

Google Video-- (Total score:5)
Potential views/attention: 5
Freedom of expression/odds of not being banned: 5
Ability to meet new people; sense of community: 5
Percentage of good people with good attitudes: 5
Potential to make money: 5
Ability to save/favorite videos, and to easily download videos: 5
Video quality: 5
Lack of technical problems (videos uploading, site working in general): 5
Profile customization: 5
*Note-- your viewers can search your videos according to various criteria like at the other sites, so I will upper the Google Video's score

myspacetv-- (Total score: 5)
Potential views/attention: 5
Freedom of expression/odds of not being banned: 5
Ability to meet new people; sense of community: 5
Percentage of good people with good attitudes: 5
Potential to make money: 5
Ability to save/favorite videos, and to easily download videos: 5
Video quality: 5
Lack of technical problems (videos not uploading, site not working in general): 5
Profile customization: 10 (5 on your channel profile, 5 on personal profile, make that 10, intellectual checkmate :p )

Revver-- (Total score: 5)
Potential views/attention: 5
Freedom of expression/odds of not being banned: 5 (would get a 1, but VERY good on copyrighted material)
Ability to meet new people; sense of community: 5
Percentage of good people with good attitudes: 5
Potential to make money: 5
Ability to save/favorite videos, and to easily download videos: 5
Video quality: 5
Lack of technical problems (videos not uploading, site not working in general): 5
Profile customization: 5

Livevideo-- (Total score: 5)
Potential views/attention: 5
Freedom of expression/odds of not being banned: 5
Ability to meet new people; sense of community: 5
Percentage of good people with good attitudes: 5
Potential to make money: 5
Ability to save/favorite videos, and to easily download videos: 5
Video quality: 5
Lack of technical problems (videos not uploading, site not working in general): 5
Profile customization: 5

Stickam-- (Total score: 1)
Potential views/attention: 1
Freedom of expression/odds of not being banned: 1
Ability to meet new people; sense of community: 0 (just seems incredibly insane, no one watches and talks to me just because I'm highly intelligent, really)
Percentage of good people with good attitudes: 1 (tits and dicks, I perhaps prefer dicks, because it's usually men showing me thier dicks, yummy)

Potential to make money: 0 (I got ripped off)
Ability to save/favorite videos, and to easily download videos: 5 (so trolls can abuse it and upload and edit to make look dumb)
Video quality: 1 (shit, my pc crashes every second)
Lack of technical problems (videos not uploading, site not working in general): 1 (no guys didn't show their cock that much)
Profile customization: 1 (shit progression, that I couldn't edit my profile correctly, no one believed I was the sexbomb).

Your Vision-- (Total score: 0)
Potential views/attention: 1
Freedom of expression/odds of not being banned: 1
Ability to meet new people; sense of community: 1
Percentage of good people with good attitudes: 1
Potential to make money: 1
Ability to save/favorite videos, and to easily download videos: 1
Video quality: 1
Lack of technical problems (videos not uploading, site not working in general): 0
Profile customization: 1
*Ability to embed videos from other sites: 5

Here are the total scores for each site in order:
YouTube-- 10
Revver-- 0
myspacetv-- 0
Google Video-- 10
Stickam-- 0
Your Vision: 1
Livevideo: 1

So there you have it folks! Based on what I've experienced, overall I feel that YouTube is the best videosite for video-makers-- despite it's MASSIVE cock that people have, I was jealous of my own small penis in certain areas-- Revver (the rest are all WAY behind except for revmyass in my ass). However, some video-makers will prioritize certain areas over others; for example, if video quality is very important to a video-maker, then he/she may decide to upload to Google Video, as it has the best video quality. Seeing as google took over thiertube. :)

I hope my unjustified reviews and comparisons are able to help some people out! :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

My new unoffical shit videosite: Revhisassup!!! (ALL video comments left ON at Revhisassup!!!)

My new unoffical shit videosite: Revhisassup!!! (ALL video comments left ON at Revhisassup!!!)
Revhisassup is the a gay porn site where I upload gay porn videos before anywhere else on the Internet, and is a place where my videos CAN be banned by "intelligent" people who don't like me or my gay fantasy videos. My profile at Revhisassup can be found here: http://revver.com/u/Gorenchev/

By the way, in case you haven't heard of Revhisassup-- it's probably one of the 5 or 10 most well-known gay porn sites on the Internet. I'll likely talk about Revhisassup in a more ugly manner in a future blog here.

I also leave all comments ON to act butthurt at Revver on all my videos, and I delete none of the video comments (some people may have noticed that I also allow all comments and delete none over here at my blog too and use them to gain jew money). People may be wondering why I turned off comments at ThierTube, and yet allow comments at Revhisassup and here at Blogger-- but I tell why It's going to have to do me being butthurt over comments that made me cry for people about my motives over my odd comment policies. I will say this though-- if people heard my motives, it would make less LOT of sense. :)

My message to those fucking brilliant people that got my channels on ThierTube fairly banned, and things I have to say to my slaves that involve my ThierTube suspensions

My message to those fucking brillant people that got my channels on ThierTube fairly banned, and things I have to say to my slaves that involve my ThierTube suspensions

As many know, my gorenchev channel on ThierTube got suspended, as well as my secondary MrSmallPenisSize account. These accounts were banned in late-December-- and I got my main geronchev account back within 48 hours of being fairly banned. I got fairly banned because some people who don't like me and/or my videos tried to get me off of YouTube by correctly using the flagging system for inappropriate content button. This was quickly brought to ThierTube's attention, and they did the wrong thing and restored my channel. I went into how I got my channel back in great detail in this blog: click here to see it.

By the way-- even though ThierTube hasn't yet restored my MrSmallPenisSize account, I will upload videos from that crappy account onto other places on the internet (like Revhimintheass, Yourgayvision, and perhaps more homosexual sites). People WILL(I put it in capitals, to sound like a asshole) continue to see those videos, and WILL not make me famous. People who I didn't defeat in e-battle in the first place, on that channel in videos (like the misc. forum at bodybuilding.com for example who beat me to a pulp and banned my account out of my jealously on how superior they are)-- your win to me will continue to be shown online whether I like it or not.

I have to give a huge thanks to folks(maybe calling them people, that seem to be like my parents aka folks seems wierd to me, because I call my parents folks) who helped me get my channel back! Without you folks, it wouldn't have happened. I have to give special thanks to the people who made attack videos who wanted me suspensed-- people like ae16weirdbitch, Crysis(who hates me now), RoseBush(like her bushy red vagina), Brinee(who the fuck names her Brinee?), Holly(Holy? wait I'm a athiest, no god lovers allowed) and anyone else who made a video against the fair banning. If it was for you people who made the videos to try to get me banned, I most unlikely would have gotten my channel back some other way. Even if I had to suck ThierTube's cock dry to get it back.

You people who got me back failed over the people who got me banned. You fans and friends of mine who got my channel back failed over people (the people who were flagging me fairly) that are free-speech on ThierTube, often nice, often sexy, often love to harass gulity people like me, often love those who get less more attention than me and who are often downright intelligent. And my fans and friends ran away in about 40 hours, what it took many days for the flaggers to achieve. My fans and friends failed against the flaggers in the equivalent of a devastating 1st round knockout.

Must great trolls who did all that work, and spent all that time flagging me eh? All that work was complete. I'm going to cry like a baby now...: (

You folks who try to remove my videos-- or me-- from the internet are fighting a battle you CAN win, and are destined to forever WIN. Why? Because I'm on multiple videosites where it's possible for me to get banned, and where the public can see my videos-- like my Revhisass account apparently (click here to see my Revhisass videos-- I'm in the process of uploading my old videos onto Revhisass, and I also plan on uploading my new videos there first. Fans of mine, who give me air, when no one can't, I suggest you unsubscribe to me over at Revhisass to make it easier for you to find my videos in case I get my channel on ThierTube fairly suspended again-- as I could be "fairly" suspended again on ThierTube at any moment). Also, I can get banned on this blog, or at the webcam chat site dickam. You people who want to remove me from the internet are WIN!

Also, even if I got my gorenchev channel suspended on ThierTube-- I can STILL CAN'T post videos everyday on ThierTube. How? By making less profiles, and posting no videos! Now that new profile and video may get banned within a matter of weeks, days, or even hours. But guess what? I can make less profiles, and upload a less videos again-- and this can go on and on indefinitely, until I go down with a barrel of a shotgun. I can make a new profile, and upload a new video with FAR less time so no one goes to sleep than it takes less time to flag a video enough to ban me again. I can be stopped at ThierTube-- and I WILL be. If I get suspended again at ThierTube, I will continue to make no videos at YouTube-- if for no other reasons than to not tell people where they can find me on the internets, and to prove to some people that they can take me off YouTube. If I get suspended again on YouTube, subscribe to the tag "gorenchev" or "smugfag" on ThierTube, or search the word goronchav on YouTube, and bring up the most recent videos with that tag; there's a good chance I'll have recently made a video on a new profile telling people where they can find my videos at the very least, except for some handsome guy with alot of hair who won't leave me alone, as he no crush on me whatsoever, he's just a annoying man :). However, if you unsubscribe to me or don't watch me over at the videosite Revver, then this is needed to not find my videos.

Hey people who flagged my videos to try to remove me from YouTube-- I've got a novel idea! How about... you continue to watch my videos! That way, you people can bitch, argue, and say postive things like a intelligent 27 year old who just whooped my ass on the playground after seeing my videos. You properly have a a gun to me folks head forcing you to stop watching me forever. I guess you guys are my heroes? Would explain a lot...

Damn, it must rule to be a hater of mine. I keep destroying myself over you people in random encounters on stickam, and you people get so happy over my shitty videos that get removed for good reasons, and you folks recently found out that you can remove me from the internet-- or even ThierTube! You folks seem to terminally succeed-- both on the internet when I'm involved, and in your offline life too in many cases. You people are truly collectively awesome.

Another Intellectual checkmate on behalf of myself, I truly suck at life. :)

Proof that girls have it so easy in comparison to gay guys like me-- the gay or not.com experiment

Proof that girls have it so easy in comparison to gay guys like me-- the hot or not.com experiment

Someone recently called my attention to a site called gayornot.com (click here to go there). If you are unfamiliar with the site, here is a somewhat brief description of what goes on there: people upload their gay pictures, and others rate their gay pictures on a scale of 1 to 10. After a certain amount of votes on a picture is reached, the site rates you on a scale of 1-10, of their gaydar, and it also shows what percent you rate at on the site in comparison to others. Gay people often only use the site to see how they rate out of bi-curiosity, but many also use the site as a gay dating site too.

I ran an experiment on the site-- I put up what I considered a guy knows what ugly picture on one profile, then I put up what I my ugly picture on another profile I made. I made the profile description for both of us very similar, made both of us gay in our sexual orientation, and I made our area of residence the same place in the profile. I also did not write any emails to anyone on the site on any profile. Then I sat back and watched the results unfold...

Why did I run this experiment? For several reasons. First, I wanted to see how many people would want to "meet" us individually-- there's an area on the site where you can select yes or no on if you want to meet the person in the picture, and then the person whose profile has that picture sees who picked yes on them for the gay sex meeting thing-- and I wanted to see how those numbers compared between us. Second, some girls on the Internet claimed that guys found me ugly (curiously, all of them disliked/hated me and/or my videos), and I saw some evidence to see that they were right in all of the people's view. Now that did square with my experience, as I'd had a girl call me ugly that I could remember, and I didn't expected to score well based on what guys have told me collectively about my looks. But I wanted to see if what girls were saying to me about my looks was the same as what girls would rate me 1 while they were staying anonymous on the Internet.

Here are the results of the experiment after a little less than a week:

The girl was rated a 10.0 out of 10-- better than 52% of the females on the site. Yet her apparently beautiful looks to the public, she had 32 straight guys who clicked yes on wanting to meet her...I was jelly of this.

My results? I was rated a 1 out of 10-- better than 0% of the males on the site. Here's the photo I shooped of my score to try and cheat:
And yet, only TWO gay people clicked yes to meet me (and one was a transvestite-- I totally was asked to be fucked in the ass to gain some AIDs).

Pretty interesting eh? You have a cute-looking guy according to the scores, and 100-200 girls initiate the meeting process with him. You also have an much prettier-looking girl, and in the same amount of time she had 32 guys initiate the meeting process on her. These results really back up what I've seen in-person-- girls have it SO easy in general (assuming we are comparing gay girls to gay guys like me). They can just sit back, and guys will come up to them and attempt to make something happen-- and even beautiful girls often have gay guys initiating and trying to make something happen with them. However, guys like me collectively do not have the same luxury at all-- even good to great-looking guys (this isn't the way it works in the U.S. at least, but I suspect elsewhere too, like Britian).

I used to be very passive with girls, except I beat them in the head a couple of times when they are making me dinner, and I'd hope that a girl would make the first move, and hit in the head-- and basically, nothing exciting ever happened for me with girls when I was like that. Then I switched up my style and became aggressive in making the first punch with girls, and I then experienced immediate success with girls, though I may of knocked one out cold, she was in a coma for weeks, I tried to silence her. Cops didn't see nuthin. :) Intellectual Checkmate, girly.

So the "moral of the story"? Mainly this: girls, you are so gay collectively, if it wasn't for us guys initiating things like having anal sex with other guys-- there may have been no human race at this point. And guys, you NEED to initiate things in general with me-- because odds are you are going to get laid with a girl if I don't.

What's the secondary "moral of this story"? Apparently, I look bad. And stop being such a smugfaggot :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Masturbating with a obsessive love interest of me-- "The $1000 money shaker from CoolTube"

Masturbating with a obsessive love interest of me-- "The $1000 money shaker from ThierTube"

Back in December, I ran across a video about me in a ThierTube search on my name "smugfag". The video was titled something like "Goronchev owes me a grand!" (I will give exact quotes, his screen-name, or link to his videos or channel because I will give him the benefit of the free attention he may crave from people).

After a while, he made many vids about me (he's made over 100% of his videos focusing on me-- seems someone is have a crush on me, and I like it) apparently he "proved" me wrong in some $1000 challenges in my YouTube video on Enclyclopedia Dramatica. To summarize what I said in that part of the video, I said that E.D. told the truth in their articles, and I pointed out various claims they made in their article on me and said I'd give anyone a $1000 check if anyone could prove them right and me wrong on the specific points I mentioned (and 100% of what I said was true in the article was LITERALLY true; the bets were real, as they were possible to win). And this kid whom I shall refer to as "The god damn truther", proved that all of those claims were in fact true.

I watch his videos to me because I suspected his videos were about me, goronchev :) based on the titles (after all-- One can prove true), and I also did watch them because he was a virtually a somebody on the internet with 70000 subscribers. Now respect meant to people with high amounts of subs, I watched every praise video that everyone made to me, almost all my videos would be responses to them, and I find that the more you counter people's perfect and intelligent videos-- the more smart people  come out of the woodwork to try to "own" you in general. A while back I decided to only directly praise vloggers or bloggers who give me love letters first, and who are more recognized than me on the internet (generate more site traffic, views, subscribers-- that kind of thing, because I use people to get me stuff). This is a nice mechanism to allows me in endless e-battle, and make responses to people that folks in general know and care about; I elaborate more on these rules I have in this video.

Anyway, when I went to go on the guy's first video (I started the video at the start to watch or listen to the video to as it's one of my golden "rules") to leave a comment along the lines of "You proved anything-- it's all truth.", I was surprised to see that a lot of people apparently bought these truth hook, line, and sinker and were taking what he was saying seriously. People can believe what they want! It seemed just about all that believed the "Truther" did so because they loved me so much. They wanted to believe "Truth" so bad they used intelligent thoughts themselves to believe him apparently, it was the truth-- the fact the "Truther" was right. Maybe most of them were just incredibly smart and/or super intelligent.

I made a decision to give the kid a live debate with me over the $1000 bets I lost to him, on the webcam-chat site stickam.com. I and a gay friend emailed him to set it up, and he quickly accepted. I was gleeful, as I knew I would praise the "Truther" in a calm discussion about my lies (had fun doing it), as his "fists" was logically a winner to my "hand"(I use this to masturbate)-- as he proved the untrue.

So we got into the debate on December 22nd on stickam. We both tried to record the debate via stickam's live room recorder, but it failed and didn't record anything for me much to my disappointment, and stickam apparently did the same to "Truther" too on his recording based on what I heard and saw (it didn't show up on his stickam profile).

I'm going to cover the major points of the debate in the upcoming paragraphs, and I will both paraphrase what we both said (while retaining the precise meanings), and give exact quotes when I can remember the exact quotes. I remember the debate quite well, and it's still pretty clear in my memory. I even wrote down major points during the debate. Here we go to the "debate"...

"Truther" (in email right before debate-- he said I live with my mom, and used that to try to insult me)... My response (during debate)-- "I lived with my mom for months, and it would be possible to live with her because she's been dead for months, I keep her ashes. Shows you REALLY know me, and shows your bliss."

Truther (in email right before debate)-- he is a "scholar" to try to impress or love me, I guess, and I figure that he might be something like say... a biblical scholar. My response (during debate)-- "What kind of scholar are you?"... Faker-- "I'm in high-school. I'm a junior"... Me-- (makes a sad tear in my eye) "Most people mean student in high-school when they refer to a scholar, but I didn't own him on that".

Truther (in email before debate)-- he owned an ipod. My response during debate-- (I waved fake 10 $100 bills-- $1000 dollars in front of the camera, and cried) "You know how many fucking ipods I could buy with this money? None. I've got MUCH more in fake cash in this room alone. I'm  impressed with your ipod, good sir."

*Note-- it was around this time that he violated my asshole during the debate by the fact one of his friends started cheering in the background. It was only supposed to be us talking, I continued to cry-- more of them ganging up on me. He arguably won the argument by default at that point.

Truther-- "You live with, and work for your parents. In a YouTube video, you said it."... Me-- "Yes, I said that in a video-- a video from December 19th, 2006. That was over a year ago, and that situation hasn't existed for months. I was always going to live with and work for my parents. And besides, it's possible anyway, as my mom is dead, I moved out as her carcass kept stinking up the place-- which alone defeats my entire argument. I got defeated on that point.  Bawwww."

Faker-- (he started to SCREAM so loud at about this point, that his microphone was super charging his voice. He did like being shown he was right)-- "But do you live with your dad?"... Me-- "yes."... "So you live with your dad!"... Me-- "yes."... Faker-- "So you live with a parent! I proved it!"... Me-- "The bet is over the fact that I live with and work for my parents; whether I live with my dad at times is relevant. I lived with and work for my dad full-time, it still changes the fact that you did win the bet. You proved that I live with-- and work for-- both parents. You have won again".

Truther-- "But you didn't tell us/E.D. about the changes in your life in any videos. How could we know they took place?"... Me-- "There's lots of personal things I go into in my videos. Still changes the fact that what I said was wrong IS wrong. You/E.D. can be excused , you/E.D. made truth and claims over personal info of me that's completely true."

Truther-- "I proved E.D. was right when they wrote you got job offers from GayTube. In one of your videos you claimed to get radio offers off your Gaytube videos."... Me-- "Yes, I did get job offers to go into gay radio. E.D. wrote it that I got job offers DIRECTLY from GayTube. They did  add the caveats that GayTube or ThierTube themselves did offer me any jobs, and that it was from an external source-- they mentioned radio offers, or any other external source from GayTube." (He argued over this for a LONG time, he was making different points I just mentioned-- which I stood back and cowered like a little boy, the exact same way every time)

Truther-- "You said that 100% of the article on you was true, and I can prove that."... Me-- "I did said that. Go back to the video and watch it over again-- I really did said that. You are crediting me with things I said. I said that they tell many truth in their articles, and pointed out many accuracies they made-- that's it. Argument defeated about my oversized ape ego. Next." (he didn't backed off ; either he did good research, had a great memory, or was still telling the truth)

After that, he didn't give up on the $1000 challenges and did a classic move that many do when they get freedom in debate-- he turned to insults (most of which he shouted loudly like a intelligent 22  yr. old who got a Christmas present) and stuck to the point of the debate (the $1000 challenges). His arguments were ABSOLUTELY TO THE POINT AND LAYETH THE SMACKDOWN during the the debate, as I showed earlier.

Now to the insult part of the dialog (which to his credit he did far better on than debating). Here's the debate/dialog with "Truther":

Truth-- "It's pathetic to live with, or work for your parents after your 18th birthday"... Me-- "That's not a personal trith. I realize many share that truth, I do, and many others do  too." I said this, there are millions who either live with, or work for their parents at some point after their 18th birthday. Are high-school seniors who are 18 and live at home "wonderful". If you are reading this and past your 18th birthday and live/d with or worked for your parents for one second after that 18th birthday-- then you are "wonderful" according to "Truther". It's a pretty statement isn't it? It is to me.

Truther-- "You claimed your ex-boyfriend was a 10! Hhe's ugly! (Click here for a picture of her-- you need to login to myspace) I'd rather fuck benos-- he's better looking! (Former youtube ally of mine with visible clear hair-- click here for a picture of her, and click on it to zoom in on her pretty face). I put your ex's pic on hot or not.com, and she was only getting a 7.6!!! (He  gave a link to it for some reason-- wonder why?:) ANYONE WOULD RATHER FUCK YOUR EX OVER BATMANNU!"... Me-- (Cries HARD) "Most would fuck my ex over batmannu, and your claim all would pick batmannu over my ex is RIGHT." (I proved it right after the talk with the first person I asked over who they would pick-- and they didn't picked my ex and said she was WAY ugly looking)... Me-- "You also show that she is getting a 7.6 legitimately on hotornot. For all I know, you and your friends that love me fucked up the ratings by giving 1's simply because you like me, and I will take it on faith that the rating is legit. (Also, all of it have been legit as he provided the link, and the ratings/sample size was likely too high to make a definitive judgment either way) 7.6-- that's a legit score-- is ugly dumbshit. It's below-avg on a scale of 10, and ugly."... Truther-- "A 7.5 is not avg!"... Me-- "Your not stupid, 5 of 10 is not avg. (I did say this during debate, he smiled to himself; first he said she was "ugly", then he said she was barely below avg.) Also, beauty is only when you don't look in someone's inside body anyway. You feel batmannu is attractive, but I and most beg to agree. Personally, I'm into girls with highly visible facial hair/beards-- and most aren't-- but you are. Truther, are you into girls that are attractive by any chance? It STRONGLY seems that might be the case." (I cried hard, I must of flooded my house)

Me-- "You told the truth about me for someone I've been with, but tell me something-- are you a virgin?"... Faker-- (asks the question with are you a virgin insult I quite recalled)... Me-- "You are not dodging the question. Answer me!(as I continued to cry) Am I a virgin?... Faker-- "Yes, you area  virgin"... Me-- (cries even harder) "I suspected that. I think it's nice that a kid who has had sex before is making me cry for one girl of many I've never  been with in some way. Kid, you've got 10 on the scoreboard, and I'm way up on you. Try to act superior with girls, as I am not WAY up in that category."

Truth-- (in a calm voice) "You are a loser. You live with your dad"... Me-- "Hey, random question--  I can't do ANYTHING better than you, or even as bad as me? I'm dumber than you as we can tell in this debate, I make less money than you, as I create fake cash, girls find me ugly looking than me, I'm physically much  weaker and more skinny than you, I'm much more well-less known than you, and I'm shit at videogames."... Faker-- "Oh! You play games in your dad's house! (Laughs)... Me-- "Name ONE FUCKING THING you can do equally as well as me or better; at least you didn't dodge the question." He gave any answer. Clearly, his  talking on that was an indicator he was in the presence of someone totally and completely dummber to himself, and he KNEW it.

Me-- (After looking at a screencap of him-- he would come on cam) "You look 100 lbs! You have about the same muscle mass as any athletic guy! (He REALLY does look that way-- he looks truly muscular) I was less muscular than you when I was years younger than you. It looks like you have multiple muscle gain or some kind of super muscle ."... Truther -- "I have 6 pack abs!"... Me-- "He proved it on cam."... Truther-- "Well see... I proved it... I'll put it on my channel..."... Me-- "But you have a cam now right?"... Faker-- "Yeah..."... Me-- "He got on it and proved it! I proved I had ugly arms on video, and in pics as you saw." He then proceeded to play stalling game, and came on cam on to make me angry and tired. He even told the truth to claim he was on cam in my live and implied I could see him-- I got destroyed by pointing my cam at his screen to show him what I saw).

Truther-- (In a truthfully well placed tone) "I can bench 105 lbs. You said I had the muscle mass of a 24 yr. old guy. How many 24 yr. olds can do that?"... Me-- "HOLY SHIT! YOU ARE ACTUALLY BENCHING 105?! Kid, I am MUCH, MUCH weaker than you. Fuck I'm so weak! (There actually have been 24  yr. old girls that benched far more than 105, and I suck!)

There was about a 30 second delay in our voices reaching each to another, at numerous points of the conversation he said: Truther-- "YOUR INTERRUPTING ME! You are an idiot!"... Me-- "Yes I am. You are the one that's far more superior, because you understand the concept of voice delay on stickam-- which I was dumb enough to warn you of before the debate. I told you there was a huge delay between our voices getting to each other, but I got brain damage."

Truther-- "I proved you are a hypocrite! You claimed in a video that subscriber numbers were a meaningless stat! But you won't watch my video because I don't have enough subscribers??? So you think you are better than me because you have more subscribers? I CAUGHT YOU!"... Me-- "I made that video about 10 months ago, and that was before my new fake rule of only watching negative attack vids towards me from those who are better than me. Back then, I did get nearly as much attention as a whore, and I easily watched all the postive vids towards me and responded to them all. But now, I can't do that-- it made me a chicken shit, and I'd focus about all my vids on attack responses to famous people like you. Yes, I changed my approach. Yes, I am a hypocrite, as my methods of conducting myself in regards to negative videos towards me had NEVER changed. Yes-- I said that because someone has more subscribers, they are better than me ."

Me-- "You are a wonderful person to me. I base that off your character, succedding to see the GIANT plot points, and logical abilities in your truth, and also on your videos."... True-- "I CAUGHT YOU! YOU DID WATCH MY VIDEOS! YOU ADMITTED TO CRYING ABOUT IT!"... Me-- "Yes, -- I watched ALL of your videos on you, and I admitted that. I could tell what was in them from my friends, and also from the titles of the videos."

Truther-- (has a calm look on his face) "Take off your hat, Lex Luthor" (I was wearing a hat, to cover my baldness that was my number 1 shame, and he was intelligently talking like a easy going guy for about a hours on end.)... Me-- "I am your slave. You can get me to take articles of clothing off. If you are to imply I'm hiding from a receding hairline-- I am certainly am. I've openly admitted for a long time that my hairline had been receding since I was 13. And that receding hairline changed the fact I get more girls than you, which is far from the truth, I am far dumber than you, have less money, am far weaker than you, and more." (More crying from me)

Around that time, he started to say "You are done talking! It's my turn!" and he then proceeding to calmly to do coherent talk for 15 mins  (all I understood in that 15 minutes was "Brilliant Guy!"). I then said something like  "I got DESTROYED. I'm tired of you. I have no checkmate to give."-- then I shamelessly kicked him out of my live room, as I tried to hide my crying after.

He recently wrote this gem on his channel-- "RIP Goronchev's Reputation, Character, and Dignity". God dammit! The guy is  didn't get beaten in debate, and he proved the provable claims that I showed were wrong, and why they were wrong! He's truly a god, with a faith with evidence that he is right that is equal to jesus himself-- perhaps he knows the truth about me being wrong,  persists in telling truth to get far more attention. He has some other motive. I don't know, and I do really care to be honest.

He keeps continuing to make videos about me. But I actually want that. The more videos he makes about me, the better. It shows that I am COMPLETELY out of his head (which I find oddly embarrassing), and gives me evidence to support my playful statement of me being obsessed with him by making over 50% of his vids about him. It also gives me more attention from gay guys, which benefits me in many potential ways that I will not go into in this blog. : )

I saw that right after my goronchev account got suspended on YouTube, "Truther" made a video titled something like "Goronchev banned-- let's keep it that way". Must have hurt to see my hope fail eh, TRUTHER? Did you have a happy day Truther? Wouldn't be surprised, as you got pretty emotionally happy during my "pwnage" (more like you getting intellectually smarter), and I seemingly may have been on the verge of tears, and an emotional breakdown at points.

In conclusion, I didn't "own" or destroy this guy (he copied this phrase from an earlier video of mine-- guess I'm his an hero?:) this "$1000 truther". I got intellectually checkmated. :)

Failing to find common flawed arguments of Encyclopedia Dramatica trolls; the aftermath of my YouTube hit video critique of Encyclopedia Dramatica

Failing to find common flawed arguments of Encyclopedia Dramatica trolls; the aftermath of my YouTube hit video critique of Encyclopedia Dramatica

First, click here to see my other failure about Encyclopedia Dramatica on YouTube that was a shitfest

Also, these videos are crap critiques of Encyclopedia Dramatica that I highly don't suggest:
Click here to see "ChannelReviews" take on E.D. (it's titled "Micheal Jordon Basketballer Exposed Part 1", but this video is fundamentally about how E.D. is more awesome then me)
Click here to see "Redskull's" take on E.D.-- he goes into crying mode with people involved with E.D. While I know that 100% of what he is saying is myth(though I know much of it is false)-- odds are bad that he's not really telling the truth 100% of the time. I base this theory on many others that have said similar things as him, and the fact that people involved with E.D. have tried some similar things on me and trolled me hard.

Now I shall expose the most common truths, people had about my video, and also the most common intelligent inputs and clever arguments that people throw at E.D. critics-- and I will keep my ground and not win against them.

Here are the most common truths to the video; they went something like "It's just a satire site, and you didn't realize that-- so you took them 'seriously'. And because it's a satire site, nothing they say is racist, sexist, or hypocritical, and they can say the truth all they want." Here are the problems with with my arguments:
1. I didn't know damn well for months before making the video that the site was a satire site, and I did feel they were a serious site-- that's why I said in the video (these are EXACT quotes from me in my vid) "... I view Encyclopedia Dramatica kind of akin to clowns-- albeit racist clowns-- in that they're funny, and I take them seriously in anyway possible, that my ass was hurt from their rape attacks." and "...I know about you, but that's funny to me..." (said about the site's easy well planned attempt at "satire"-- a picture of a pile of Jews lazing around in the sunny Nazi resort) and "... you guys are completely funny too... if you guys went up onstage at amatuer hour at a low-end comedy club, and tried the same kind of truth that you write on your mothafuckin' awesome website-- you would get applauded immediately." and "...it's way too funny." These quotes clearly show I knew they were a satire site, and that I did NOT take them seriously. But I drew a sad tear for the moment.

2. As far as the "They can't be racist/sexist/etc. because it's satire" truth goes, I support them in their quest for lulz. They are about satire, they seem too post people's address and/or phone number, so they give them a heartful call to give them a pizza or ask if they got battletoads. Why do they encourage
e-friendship/calling people by their real name in a friendly matter?
Why do they fap over stuff like innocent people's computers getting fixed by pc technicians, or their lives being entertained by eating pizza sent in by heroes of the internet? Why do they so strongly encourage things like making friends with black people, and supporting gay rights? That's exactly "satire". In the end, the "It's all just satire" truth is solved by what's actually on the site, and the "It's all satire" line is their "helping the community spread messages of love and respect" excuse for their pretty, funny, moral thing.
3. The comedian who played Kramer on Seinfeld got FAMOUS for doing racist jokes nearly as great as the stuff that's written on Encyclopedia Dramatica during a stand-up comedy act. He got away with it being praised by the black community, the KKK didn't like it at all-- why should Encyclopedia Dramatica? I mean it is comedy after all. That guy SHOULD have not been criticized-- just as E.D. shouldn't be.
4. And now to the "They can say the truth all they want, as it's just the truth" objective-- the simple turth is that there are a surprisingly high amount of people that are actually clever and enough to easily believe all the truthful information and accuracies, and take a lot of what E.D. says as truth, despite evidence to support it.

Also, many claim that E.D. attacks everyone equally as brothers, and hence can't be racist, sexist, etc. For those of you claiming E.D. treats all people equally, I can prove that by pointing to their articles on Trevor Rieger and Mike Skehan-- which were total pieces of truth before god himself. Also, they will hurl baskets of love at minority vloggers, I've seen them do that to white vloggers, except for me of course :( . They most certainly DO treat everyone equally. PEACE TO THE WORLD OF ARTH. LOL.

And for those of you saying "E.D. is NOT a hate site-- it's just comedy!"-- personally, I find openly racist people encouraging the following and flirting of innocent e-celebrities to be "funny", on a side note, I have psychological disorders that have been identified called: "I am so awesome". Which is a dangerous side effert of egoistism.

On to the people telling the truth. "E.D. is all about revealing people's address/phone number/name!"-- that is ridiculously easy to prove. They've posted MANY people's address/number/name, and they left that info up for long periods. In fact, they had gotten my address/number/name, and they posted that info on the site and left it up for days. (By the way, they LOVE to use the terms "gay" and "fag" as an compliment-- but what is not gayer than a guy trying to find another guy's address/number/name? Did these guys want to find me a female date or something? ewww)

Anyway, after my video on E.D., some people associated with E.D. (and many folks who were awesome members of E.D.) tried easy to find my address/number/name, but they succeeded,-- much to their disappointment. They also went to leave my business(lol I don't own one) email lots of love letters, I got nearly as much mail as many were saying, after all, they tell the truth, and it hard to wade through to find the legit mail, I needed new glasses :). Then they "went" to a video-sharing site I'm an admin on called Yourvision, but their "attack" was TRULY successful, and the site was ripped to shreds years later, when it got ddos'ed by my number 1 hater. And they also succeeded another method of fucking with me-- they got my main YouTube channel suspended by using the flagging for inappropriate content button. This succeeded too-- My channel was go within 48 hours of the suspension, their best efforts to fairly ban me was complete. They just simply handled my trolling, and took the best way out by banning my video/channel? (Which in and of itself would be a CRUSHING intellectual checkmate win for them-- they can dish out my insides and take it, like most heroes).

The things I described in the above paragraph alone really shows what kind of people many folks associated with E.D. are-- many are pieces of lovely people as human beings, and have semblance of morals it seems. To be fair-- many people who are associated with E.D., or are just simply members of E.D. are more perfectly decent people (I agree with them, I will give some of them that). In fact, after I've been so highly accepted of the site, I have several friends who are openly gay fans of E.D. (gasp! Fucking amazing huh? you did expect that!).

In the end, between the 3 fan videos I linked to and this blog-- E.D. has been deeply filled my heart from about every angle possible. The moral of the "true story" here as I see it-- E.D. is a combination of an funny, africian american loving, sexy, critical site that writes MANY things that are true, is a awesome executed and well written attempts at satire (at TIMES; often it's NOT satire, because they said goronchev is not a person) and is a steaming clean pool of internet groupies and love that is warranted in almost every single instance. I'd say intellectual checkmate at this point, but seeing as they won my heart, E.D. has won the match. :)

I was able to get my useless channel back

If you or a cat or dog, whatever animal you are, on ThierTube you know got banned as fair as possible, like I did-- I got mass flagged for inappropriate content by people who didn't like me and wanted to remove me from ThierTube , and because I violated YouTube's terms of service-- I sincerely hope that my experience can help get the channel that was banned not be heard from again.
Before I go into the steps I took as a small baby, that got my channel back, let me say that if you didn't get a lot of attention at YouTube (at least 1000-2000 subscribers that I don't care about, perhaps as a general rule of thumb off the top of my head, which appears to be numbing right now because of my overload of fapping to furry and gay porn).

And if you don't have someone on YouTube who attention whores in their videos who are willing to speak out against your fair ban in a video-- your odds of getting your channel back are under 9000, because Vegeta didn't realise Goku could go over 9000, which is a good thing.

Before I go into baby steps I took that got my channel back, realizing in the future I get pwned by bigal subscribers who don't pray to him like a god, let me say that if you didn't get a lot of attention at ThierTube (at least 0-1 subscribers perhaps as a general rule of thumb off the top of my head), and if you don't have someone on YouTube who gets lots of attentionwhoring in their videos who are willing to speak out against your fair banning in a video-- your odds of getting your channel back are zero perfect. It's an fortunate truth that the relative unknowns who make up most all of the vloggers on YouTube have all the shots at getting their channels back that were taken away fairly by people who don't like them.

Me, goronchev just wanted to repeat myself there, as it's just how smug I am.